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Thom Yorke is a musical force, but did you know he was born with a birth defect?

Thom Yorke's Left eye was sealed shut when he was born

I have been a Radiohead fan since the early 90s. Their music is so sweet sounding, creative, knows know conventions and although I have yet to see them live (maybe this year I will with the release of their new album), I have heard from numerous sources that their shows are “transcendent”.

One thing I have silently wondered about is Thom Yorke’s eye. Why was it kind of lopsided and droopy like that?  I did a little research today and read that Thom York himself suffered a birth defect where his left eye was sealed shut, and his eye was believed to be paralyzed. After 5 surgeries and what seemed to have been a muscle graft, doctors were able to get Yorke’s eye open and functioning.

And then I started thinking to myself  — sheesh, when I was a kid, I freaked out cause I had a zit.  Here is someone whose face is permanently, visibly uneven, and yet what he brings into the world is positively, inspiring. I hope we can all learn from Thom Yorke and his inspiring example of seeing through the superficial aspects of life and creating some of the most moving, touching and deepest tunes I know about.

He is also an activist for these numerous causes — I love that:

  • Fair trade
  • Anti-Globalization
  • Anti-war
  • Human rights
  • Environmentalism
  • Climate Change

Hope you are as inspired by Thom Yorke and Radiohead as I always am.

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