Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Clinical Trials

Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma is a type of Non-Hodgkin lymphatic cancer, which is related to the T-cells. Although, this type of cancer is rare, it still can affect persons of any age starting from young adults to older patients.

The symptoms of Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma normally start with swelling of lymph nodes; which are present in armpit, neck or groin area. In acute situation, this disease may affect several organs like liver, bone marrow, stomach, spleen, skin etc. Loss of appetite and fatigue are common symptoms for patients. The disease also affects the immune system making the patients vulnerable to other infections. Sometimes, the patients might drastically lose weight or can feel feverish with several outbreaks of night sweating.

Similar to other carcinogenic diseases, Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma is also divided in several stages and grades, depending on the acuteness and nature of the disease. Treatments include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, steroid therapy, stem cell support etc.

New treatments of Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma are continuously being researched on. Clinical trials for Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma are an important step in the development of new treatments. There are 17 Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma trials currently active in the United States. These clinical trials are being conducted in 68 cities and are being performed by 44 different clinical trial investigators (doctors who conduct and supervise the clinical study). There are currently 45 different interventions being investigated in Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma clinical trials.

Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma clinical trials interventions

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Sites/Medical Centers doing Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trial Investigators for Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma

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List of Clinical Trials for Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma

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If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial of peripheral t-cell lymphoma, you can find trials near you.

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