Want to loose weight? Eat worms

A hookworm

Weight loss is one of the most popular search terms in the internet.

Diets, exercise, therapies, cactus sap, berries, modified shoes; there are so many products that help people loose weight.

I am a fan of natural methods, but worm therapy is a little too natural for my taste.

Don’t believe it?

It’s real! You can order hookworm, whipworm or combination therapy. You could have a worm party in your guts.

You can also use worms to treat allergies.

Even Crohn’s or inflammatory Bowel disease.

Technically, or more elegantly, it’s called Helminthic Therapy, but on the streets, it’s referred to as worm pushing.

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2 thoughts on “Want to loose weight? Eat worms

  1. You got it! The worms induce a kind of anti-inflammatory response. The theory is that since we’ve co-evolved with these parasites, we host them while they down regulate our inflammatory response. Scientists also posit that this is why we have been seeing increased IBS, Crohn’s disease and other bowel disorders and food allergies in Westernized societies. I actually have been diagnosed with IBS, but I will never, ever volunteer let alone pay to have parasites take up residence inside of me. I’d rather cut out wheat and dairy and avoid foods that elicit an inflammatory response.

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