Depression in Teenagers (Incidence and other Statistics)

Teenager depression is becoming a growing concern for the nation.

Depression in teenagers and young adult has been an increasingly common concern. In fact recent data suggest that mental health issues has become a major health crises in college students. Occasionally, you may find a person having a bad mood or feeling melancholic. But, it is difficult to know, whether these negative mood swings are occurring frequently or occasionally. Whatever, be the frequency, you must be careful about this problem so that these early symptoms and episodes don’t progress into chronic depression.

Symptoms of  Depression in Teenagers

The symptoms of depression in Teenagers encompass a variety of emotional and behavioral changes. Sadness or being melancholic is the most common symptom of teen depression.  However, not all teens react in the same way. For some, the expression of depressed mood can be rage, anger, irritability or aggression. This might be accompanied with terrible amount of frustration and tearfulness. The depressing mood often affects the physical condition too. As a result, a person may experience symptoms like loss of appetite, insomnia, changes in sleeping and eating routine, fatigue, etc. With the continuous process of negative thinking, the patient may find it difficult to concentrate on their studies or any other serious matters. They also prefer to be lonely, or avoid sharing their thoughts with friends or family members. In acute depression episodes, the most dangerous symptom is to think about suicide or homicide.

Causes of Depression in Teenagers

It is not entirely clear what particular incidence triggers off depression among teenagers. Teens normally have a sensitive mindset, which can get affected considerably, even through a simple argument between friends or family members. However, in most of the cases, it has been noticed that excessive amount of pressure and stress, leads to this a depressive episode. Events like losing a near one, disturbed family life, breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend or unable to perform well in studies, can act as a major cause for depression in teenagers. According to medical statistics, depression in teenage girls is twice more common as compared to boys.

Treatments of  Depression in Teenagers

The good thing about teenager depression is that it can be easily treated when diagnosed at an earlier stage. In acute cases, the treatment might continue for more than 6 months or so. Treating depression in teenagers is mostly done with the help of antidepressant medications. Talk therapy or counseling sessions including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, family therapy etc are also quite effective in treating the symptoms. In certain severe conditions, the patient might require hospitalization for providing continuous support through medicines and counseling.

Statistics on Teenager Depression

As mentioned earlier, teenager depression has become a growing concern across colleges in United States. The psychiatric counseling center of Stoney Brook University has recorded three such emergency situations in three consecutive days. According to the director of the counseling center, Dr. Jenny Hawang, depression has become “really very much alarming”. The latest national survey on the depression in teenagers has revealed that almost half of the students, who are seeking  counseling support are suffering with serious mental illness. Even a decade back, the rate of being affected with depression was almost half of what we have today. More and more students are getting used to the regular intake of psychiatric medicines and more emergency situations are being created where the person requires immediate medical support.

One of the recent surveys conducted by  the American College Counseling Association reported that in most of the cases, the cause behind depression is either romantically breakups or identity crisis. Among teenagers, who are attending counseling; 44% were found to have serious depressive disorder, which is more than double from the year 2000; and 24% were under antidepressant medication, which was around 17% during the previous decade.

But other than this, there might be  hundreds of thousands of students who don’t go for proper medical care. Some important statistics are as follows –

  • A survey conducted by the American College Health Association in 2009 revealed that 46% college students felt depressing at some point of time during the previous year and almost 33% felt terribly depressed to continue with their regular lifestyle.
  • Another survey conducted by the American College Counseling Association reported that among a sample of 133 suicidal students from 320 institutions, only 20 could find support in the campus.
  • Data from regular depression screening tests conducted in previous years reveal that 220 students out of approximately 1,000 students, were suffering from major depression.

Considering all the above facts, it has become highly important to arrange for proper facilities to support the mental health of these growing adolescents. Several clinical trials are being performed on this issue also, by renowned doctors and scientists. If you are interested to learn about them, then visit the following links –

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