Medical Update On Two “Tumor Buddies.” Let’s start with Finnegan…

I have had so many people e-mail and ask “How is (my dog) Finnegan doing” this past week?  Once in a while they even ask about me, too. 

So here is a medical update on both of us.  It is a bit weird… To both have tumors in our right hip/legs at the same time!

Finnegan first.  He is back from a four day stay in the hospital.  There is still some pain–and the scar is oozing a bit–but he is resting comfortably.  We even took a slow walk around the block today.

Here is a picture of our boy when we visited him the day after surgery.  Poor guy!

The pathology report on his tumor looks promising.  He had what his surgeon, Dr. Reems, called an “invasive lipoma.”  Lots of dogs get lipomas.  They are the fatty bumps you find under their skin as a dog ages. 

But in this case, the lipoma was wrapped through the muscle–from the top of his hip, down around the inside of his leg and around the knee.  It was the most aggressive and extensive Dr. Reems had ever seen–and he specializes in surgeries like this.

That’s why I have started calling him FrankenFinn.  His ten inch scar is quite impressive!

Back to the pathology report.  The bad news is an invasive lipoma acts like cancer.  In this case, it was cutting of the lymphatic flow to and from his right, rear leg, causing swelling and discomfort.  If it wasn’t removed Finnegan would eventually have to be put down.

The good news is, unlike a sarcoma or other form of cancer, lipoma’s don’t metastasize to the lung or brain.  It tends to stay in one area.

There is a good chance it may grow back.  But that could take years.  We could then try surgery again–hopefully before it gets so widespread.

Monday I will share what I know about the lesions(s) and fluid radiologists identified in my right leg and hip. 
I am certainly in better shape than poor Finn!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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