What is the Connection between Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease, and Stroke?

Diabetes can lead to several complications including heart disease and stroke.

Diabetes, heart disease and stroke – these 3 diseases are different human ailments having different symptoms and treatment procedures. So, at times for a layman it becomes quite difficult to figure out a common connection among these 3 diseases by judging externally, unless we go into real details. When you look into the internal issues, you will find out a common link connecting all these 3 diseases. But, before going into that, let me give a brief introduction on these diseases.

Diabetes Mellitus: Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a common disease affecting millions all over the world. It is diagnosed in those who have high level of blood glucose as they are unable to produce sufficient insulin or have grown insulin resistance. The former situation is known as type 1 diabetes, whereas the later is called type 2. Other than these two cases, diabetes can be detected for a woman during the time of pregnancy. This type of diabetes is known as gestational diabetes. Administering insulin is the only way out to keep the blood glucose level within safe limit. The patient should also follow a strict diet schedule as a part of the treatment.

Heart Disease: As it is clear from the name itself, any type of problem related to human heart can be termed commonly as heart disease. The heart disease can be categorized in various areas as the disease of the cardiac muscles, disease of the coronary arteries, CVD or cardio-vascular disease, disease of the heart valves, heart failure and so on. Different type of heart disease has different line of treatment. In acute cases, the patient might have to undergo complicated surgery procedures, along with restriction in lifestyle and diet.

Stroke: Stroke is related to the brain, when the blood supply is disrupted into brain for some severe health condition. This could be possible, when the blood circulatory system of our body does not function properly or there is a serious hemorrhage in the body. Due to this condition, the affected area of the brain stops proper functioning, resulting into several neurological disorders. This is considered to be an emergency, when the patient needs immediate medical intervention. Other than the medication, the patient has to go through rehabilitation sessions to deal with the neurological problems.

The Connection between Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke

Scientific studies have found out that being diabetic doubles up the CVD risk and the risk to have a stroke; compared to those, who are non-diabetics. In fact, the onset of heart disease or stroke has been noticed even for younger people with diabetic condition. According to certain studies, the risk of having a heart failure for a diabetic person aged in his 40-50’s is similar with the risk of a heart attack for a non-diabetic person, who already has suffered a heart attack. For women, the risk is comparatively less than the men of similar age group; provided they have not attained menopause.However, the CVD risk is pretty high for diabetic women, as it hampers the protective effects of pre-menopause period.

There is a high risk of second heart attack for a person, who has diabetes and already has had one heart attack. In these situations, most of the patients go through a critical condition, which often leads to death.

All these health conditions are very much related to high level of blood glucose, as this leads changes in the walls of the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are affected, the proper circulation of blood gets prohibited and as a result the heart or brain gets damaged.

Scientists are actively researching the best treatment for these diseases. If you are interested, you can participate in diabetes clinical trials, heart disease clinical trials and clinical trials for stroke



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