Alternative Medicine – A Firsthand Experience (as an Irritable Bowel Syndrome patient)

There are so many alternative and holistic health care practices out there. How to know which one is best for you…let alone if they actually work.

I consider myself open minded. I meditate, I like art and love to travel and explore other cultures but I was very skeptical about holistic practices. I used to think that there was little or no scientific proof that any of these practices work. I would not talk you out of seeing an acupuncturist, but I would not go myself. But 7 years ago, when my traditional doctor diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and prescribed me a blue pill that softened my intestinal wall (AKA symptom management as opposed to root cause investigation and treatment) I walked out of the box of Western Medicine and did a little exploring. My friend, Dr. Jason DiTullio, founder of Alignment Chiropractic had been encouraging me to see him for a while, and the day I picked up the pills and couldn’t bring myself to swallow one, I called him.

Dr. Jason DiTullio

At first, nothing changed although I felt fantastic after seeing him. Even if the IBS never cleared up, the quality of care I received and relaxation I felt was worth it. But, after receiving chiropractic treatments from him for a few months, my symptoms improved greatly. I saw Dr. Jason for about 2 years and the IBS has been kept in check ever since.

Western medicine has been slow to embrace some of these alternative forms of healing and treatment.  My brother in law for example was in a few car accidents and has had severe back pain for the past 10 years and has been more or less bed ridden for the past 2. He tried everything, he’s seen dozens of doctors, got surgery a while back, and has had every type of scan known to mankind. Nothing worked. As a last resort, he saw a specialist in Myo-fascial Release and in under a year, regained 75% of his original range of motion, is in a lot less pain and continues to improve.

What is going on here?
Technically, scientifically, I do not have all the details. There is some science that lies at the foundation of these holistic practices, but there always seems to be this mysterious X factor.  One thing I do know is that when another human being genuinely cares for another, a lot of healing takes place, and the patient begins to take better care of them selves. An other thing I know is that when a person really wants to heal, and are determined to do so, healing happens.

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