Ozzy Osbourne Fights Parkinson’s Disease (Parkin Syndrome) With His Music!

Ozzy Osbourne was Diagnosed with Parkinsons's Disease

Ozzy Osbourne, former lead vocalist of the English heavy metal band Black Sabbath was diagnosed with Parkin Syndrome, a genetic condition whose symptoms are very similar to Parkinson’s disease. Osbourne, whose career has spanned over 40 years and who has sold over 100 million albums worldwide has to take daily medication for the rest of his life to combat the involuntary shudders associated with Parkinson’s disease (related posts on Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox with Parkinson’s disease).

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a central nervous system disorder that degenerates speech, movement, neurobehavioral, motor skills and other functions. The early symptom is usually a tremor in the hands, which then spreads to other parts of the body. Although there are no definitive treatments available to cure Parkinson’s disease, there are as many as 100 clinical trials currently active to develop new treatments for Parkinson’s disease, including:

You can also search these clinical trials by treatments for Parkinson’s disease or by doctors aiming to find cures for PD. I also recommend reading a summary on parkinson’s disease interventions, symptoms and sites.

Due to the radically dark music and doom sound of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne came to be known as the “Prince of Darkness”. Osbourne is also called the “Godfather of Heavy Metal” after he achieved achieved a multi-platinum status in solo career, in addition to the one he had earned with Black Sabbath. You can find some of his greatest songs including Crazy Train, Mr. Crowley and Iron Man.

We admire Ozzy’s courageous fight with parkinson’s disease, and wish him a life free of drugs and alcohol!

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3 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne Fights Parkinson’s Disease (Parkin Syndrome) With His Music!

  1. i hate this damn disease & i get angry everytime i hear about it affecting another human life. i have lived w/ parkinson’s disease for the last 25 years and believe me i tell you that it is no fun! in fact it is a dirty, stinkin’ robber disease that slowly erodes your self-confidence & your personality. i am also looking for a way to educate people about this disease. it seem that people are ready to blame the person w/ pd. they say “oh well-that person might just as well have invited the pd in because of past habits like smoking, drinking, recreational drug use.or taking too many blows to the head. i am no angel. i have always been straight up with my doctor but as he has said time & again: i didn’t do what i did in a vacuum and since bit one of my equally rambunctious friends have any sign of pd that i should quit beating myself up about why i got it but rather what can i do to raise awareness & money for research (which i have done by raising over $86,000 for the cause. ozzy, i know that you do not need a 61 yr old woman to stick up for you-i wasn’t even that much of a fan- but if you would care to email me, i would be happy to talk w/ you…no one deserves this! i watched as my sainted mother was ravaged by pd. she was dxed at age 70 & progressed quite rapidly until she died, scared to death of the hallucinations that her medicine caused & she only weighed 73 lbs. my mom never had more than an occasional beer & never took anything stronger than a baby asprin

    • Hi…
      I just read your comment from years ago!
      Yeah I got the PD diagnosis not quite 3 years ago….
      It DOES suck….I’m only 46….
      If you are still out there in cyberland, feel free to email me…i would benefit from a visit, chat, or a budding friendship…
      Good evening to you, lady….


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