Researchers Continue To Isolate & Interpret Genetic Information Relevant To Treating Multiple Myeloma

Michael Tomasson is a physician-scientist based at Washington University in St. Louis.  Here is a post from his research blog about a multiple myeloma genome sequencing project he is working on:

Our multiple myeloma whole genome sequencing project is kicking into high gear! The Broad Institute in Boston, our friendly competitor, also has a MM WGS effort underway, but there is no publication yet. Our goal is to use the newest genome sequencing technology to discover new somatic mutations in myeloma. These could provide clues for therapeutic targets or be useful for diagnostic tests. We have funds for only a few patients—WGS is still quite expensive—but the Washington University Genome Center’s sequencing pipeline at is, in our humble opinion, the best in the world. We only have preliminary data so far, but we have all agreed to fast track this project to come up with a definitive list of myeloma mutations ASAP. No matter what happens, by the first part of 2011, we will know much more about “the multiple myeloma genome” than we did before. Exciting stuff.

It is “exciting stuff!”  Scientists can’t learn too much about how our genetic make-up helps determine which anti-myeloma therapies are most likely to work.  Good luck with your research in the new year, Dr. Tomasson!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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