List of IVF Clinical Trials (In-Vitro Fertilization Clinical Studies )

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Because of this daily demand for ‘ivf clinical trials’, i decided to write this post to focus exclusively on IVF and IVF clinical trials. So lets start with basics.

What is IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)?

In Vitro Fertilization, is a breakthrough method that is the standard procedure for the treatment of Infertility. It involves fertilization of the egg outside the human body and then implantation of the fertilized egg back into the uterus. IVF was invented by Dr. Robert Edwards after 20 years of research along with his collaborator Dr. Patrick Steptoe (Dr. Robert Edwards was awarded the Noel Prize for Medicine in 2010).

In short, IVF is a process which involves the use of  injectable medications to stimulate the ovary to produce several eggs at once. These eggs are then retrieved using ultrasound guided methods and then later fertilized in the laboratory. After 3-5 days of cell growth in the laboratory, the appropriate number of embryos is then transferred back to the patient’s uterus for implantation and eventually growth.

What are the clinical trials underway for IVF treatment?

There are several clinical trials for IVF treatment per-se or for testing new approaches to make IVF more effective.We list some of these below with a brief description of each

  1. Clinical Trial to compare  hyper-stimulation and minimal-stimulation IVF protocols, in terms of multiple-pregnancy rate and treatment cost
  2. Clinical Trial to test No gonadotropin hormone stimulation of the ovaries compared to mild stimulation doses.
  3. Study the effect of acupuncture on IVF pregnancy rate, as well as possible mechanisms.
  4. Study is to determine the effectiveness of pulsatile GnRH delivered from a iontophoretic patch (Lutrepatch) for induction of ovulation as compared to a placebo
  5. Study the  concentration of nitric oxide metabolites measured in the IVF culture medium from the first day of culture to identify the best quality embryos for transplantation
  6. Study to compare pregnancy rates differences based on day of embryo transfer in patients who replace all available embryos after an IVF cycle

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  2. hello, I am sitting here in tears crying like never before. Just got a text from a cousin that she is happily expecting another baby, but two minuets later I got a call saying that the study for ivf was cut and i will not be on the list of people to get the assistance i was praying to GOD for. I just dont know what where how to do at this point. I live in virginia and it seems there is nothing or nobody that has help even to guide me in the right direction. I recently moved from ny.

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