How to Upload a New Clinical Trial? Instructions For Investigators

Upload a new trial

1. In My Trials click Upload New Trial – marked with red in the image below

2. We can pull your trial information from and populate the form automatically for you.

Do you know the NCT identifier of your trial?

If the answer is yes, check the Yes radio button as illustrated in the image below (circled with red), and take two steps:

Step 1 enter the identifier e.g. NCTxxxxxxx

Step 2 upload a verification document, that indicates that your site authorized to perform the mentioned clinical trial.

If the answer is no, check the No radio button (circled with green) and fill the trial information form. Don’t forget to extend and enter additional information about your trial. The additional information includes exclusion and inclusion criteria, trial phase, type of intervention and more.

Notice! under Additional Information you can upload your IRB or other verification document. If you are having problems with uploading your verification document, send it to and the account manager will take care of it for you. TrialX doesn’t activate a trial for recruitment without this document.

At any point you can save and complete the upload process later.

When you are done click on the Save and Proceed button.

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