Isaac Asimov and Arthur Ashe succumbed to it, but Magic Johnson battled HIV/AIDS successfully, thanks to great research and clinical trials!

Isaac Asimov, a popular author known for his science fiction novels contracted HIV infection from a blood transfusion during a bypass surgery. He died of a heart attack a few years later, largely caused due to HIV/AIDS. Arthur Ashe, one of the most famous african-american tennis players also got infected with HIV during blood transfusion during his heart surgery in 1988. He died from AIDS-caused pneumonia in 1993. Magic Johnson, one of the great basketball players of all time, who played his entire NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers, first tested positive for HIV in 1991. Unlike Isaac Asimov and Arthur Ashe, Magic Johnson was lucky to have contracted HIV at a time when there were many clinical trials for new HIV treatments. He takes a daily combination of drugs to prevent his HIS infection from becoming AIDS.

AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is most deadly disease caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which destroys the immune system. Although there is no definite cure available for the disease, a combination of several treatments can keep the HIV infection from worsening. Today, there are several research studies going on to develop effective treatments for AIDS, some of which are:

You can also search for HIV/AIDS clinical trials by treatments such as Maraviroc, Raltegravir, Efavirenz and Ritonavir or by doctors conducting these clinical trials. There is an interesting article on the death rates due to HIV/AIDS.

Magic Johnson has become one of the most vocal advocates of HIV/AIDS prevention and also written a book on safer sex. In 1991, he founded the Magic Johnson Foundation to help combat HIV/AIDS and increase awareness of this disease. Along with millions of other people around the world, he is grateful for the advancement in research to develop effective treatments for this deadly pandemic.

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