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About Us

TrialX is a web-based platform that combines the most powerful aspects of decision engines (algorithms) and social networks (the power of the community) to help patients find clinical trials that match their health conditions and connect with investigators conducting trials quickly and effortlessly.

TrialX’s award-winning technology has been designed to help patients, sponsors, hospitals and investigators in the clinical trials process. It allows patients to easily enter their own personal information or securely integrate with consumer-centric personal health record platforms offered by Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health, and then use that information to offer services that significantly reduce the effort expended by consumers and investigators to find each other.

Our Vision

The company’s mission is to help save lives by facilitating the development of life-saving treatments.

Our goal is to create a unique online ecosystem that enables patients, investigators and researchers to securely and privately find and connect with each other. This will not only help facilitate the development of new treatments, but also make biomedical research more efficient.

Health consumers are increasingly understanding and managing their health conditions through self-research on the Internet. Currently, over 70% of Americans search for health information online. Through TrialX’s integration with a host of online services including social media sites like Twitter and YouTube, internet health portals such as Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, and its soon-to-be released iPhone application, investigators’ studies will be exposed to a wider, targeted patient population while patients will gain unprecedented access to clinical trials in hundreds of disease categories.

At TrialX, our work has just begun and we could not be more enthusiastic and optimistic about the opportunities that a new era of HIT beckons. As we continue to update our website with new services, we would really greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions

How can you use TrialX?

TrialX offers a suite of valuable services catered to your requirements. Please select one:

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How is TrialX different?

How is TrialX Different

At TrialX, we are attempting to change the paradigm of the clinical trials industry by empowering consumers to become a driving force in the clinical research space. We are the first web-based ecosystem in the clinical trials industry, where potential participants and investigators can find and communicate with each other effortlessly. We accomplish this by enabling consumers to use their health information to match themselves to relevant clinical trials and initiate contact with Investigators, all through our online system.

Here is how we differentiate ourselves from the other providers in the industry, including traditional print and radio advertising:

  • Personal Health Records

    We are the first and only company to be integrated with the largest personal health record platforms, namely Microsoft HealthVault, Google Health and Indivo, providing clinical trial matching services to their users.
  • Clinical Trials Matching technology

    We continue to innovate and develop disruptive matching technologies using medical vocabularies and natural language processing algorithms. These technologies are designed to provide superior quality of referrals with minimum effort and cost.
  • Communication platform

    We have developed the first-of-its-kind web-messaging platform that is currently being used by thousands of patients and hundreds of investigators to securely communicate with each other.
  • Social media

    A critical component of TrialX is its novel usage of social media to facilitate clinical trial awareness in online communities. TrialX has developed a unique Twitter application for health consumers to find clinical trials. Additionally, TrialX also leverages YouTube to allow investigators to post videos on their customized trial pages to raise awareness.
  • Mobile platform

    TrialX will soon be releasing a Clinical Trials iPhone application for doctors and patients. Users will be able to search for clinical trials filtered by location, medical condition, treatment, institution and other parameters.
  • Customer Service

    We are obsessed with fast and diligent customer service. We keep in constant touch with our consumers and partners, and do NOT compromise on our quality under any circumstances. We look forward to your feedback!

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